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Flattering Fits: Best Women's Sportswear for Every Body Type

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There is no one-style-suits-all kind of situation when it comes to activewear. You must choose your workout clothes according to your body type. Luckily, Cosmolle has the right fit for all kinds of women – tall, short, petite, or athletic. So, before picking out your activewear leggings or yoga outfits, first have a look at your body type and then choose.

Let’s have a look at some tips to pick your sportswear according to your body type.

Hourglass Figure

You are one lucky gal if you have a well-proportioned hour-glass figure. So what you need is clothes that make your curves more prominent. Choose high-waisted bottoms and sports bras with wide straps. Choose activewear that hugs your body so that you can really show off your curvy figure.


Pear Shaped Body

Being pear-shaped means you have a voluptuous chest. So, you need the most supportive bras. Cosmolle has the best wireless bra that’s seamless and supportive. You can confidently carry out your workout with the right undergarments.

Apple Shaped Body

It’s not an ideal situation when you have an awkward apple-shaped body. But, don’t lose your confidence because you can still look attractive with the right activewear. What you need is supportive bras that come with adjustable straps. These will prevent uncomfortable bounce when you jump or run.

Plus, a pair of high-waisted leggings can bring tummy control. These will add a lean look by making the waistline appear a bit sleek. 

Cosmolle legging

Tall and Lean

If you are tall and slim, you need some activewear that makes you look a bit full and curvy. Plus, you should wear leggings with extra coverage, like a long sleeve legging set. In this way, your bottoms won’t ride up during your workout. 

Also, if you want to show off your long legs, you can go for shorts. These are also comfortable and light.

Cosmolle long-sleeve legging set

Athletic Figure

You need the most flexible activewear if you have an athletic build. Make sure the fabric is stretchable to support your well-built body. Also, go for supportive bras and choose breathable materials. It’s good to have materials that are moisture-wicking so that you stay comfortable and cool during any kind of workout.

Petite Figure

If you are short and petite, chose small or XS size for your activewear outfits. Plus, you need to go for cropped tops and shorts. Wearing full-coverage clothes might be too long for your short height. The extra fabric will bother you and will also affect your focus during exercise. 

You can also add a stylish element to your sports look by going for some trendy pieces at Cosmolle. Try out the skirt with attached shorts for a hot and feminine touch.

Cosmolle trendy pieces

Final Words

There are so many body types that need different styles of activewear for a flattering look. You can fix the problem areas or make your best features more prominent with the right clothes. Find your perfect fit at Cosmolle and look your best at your workout. 

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